The Future of Connecting Assisted Living Residents, Care Teams, and Families
The traditional models of care and service delivery for providers of aging services are shifting toward a new normal.
Healthcare Trends 2023 and Beyond
The last few years have been transformative for healthcare – from the accelerated adoption of telehealth technologies to the unprecedented expansion of coverage by the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS).
Hospital at Home: The Future Standard of Care?
The healthcare industry is redefining how facility-based care is delivered and whether those facilities are always necessary.
fueling the future of healthcare
How Technology is fueling the future of healthcare
Watch our expert-led glimpse into the future of healthcare technology and patient-first trends. ...
Explore the inpatient experience
Explore the inpatient experience of the future.
Rising patient expectations and innovations to patient-centric healthcare that were adopted during the pandemic will dri...
hybrid healthcare
Is hybrid healthcare the great unifier?
Bring the physical and virtual together for a better patient journey.A strong hybrid approach improves the care journey ...
Hybrid healthcare
Hybrid healthcare has elevated the role of the CIO
Having succeeded as advocates for technology in healthcare, CIOs are now transitioning to a new role — ensuring technolo...
patient education
Why patient education should be a strategic priority
Which kind of education program will improve patient experience and outcomes?Better health education provides context fo...
digital engagement
4 ways to improve your patients' digital engagement
 Create patient-centric experiences andengagement will follow. Patients, just like ...
A smarter future for healthcare collaboration
Streamline processes with the most advanced collaboration tools.
ThinkShield in Healthcare eBook
ThinkShield in Healthcare eBook
ThinkShield is a customizable solution that secures critical data and business technologies with comprehensive end-toend protection.
Remote Radiology Reading eBook
Remote Radiology eBook
Teleradiology is expected to be an $8.24 billion business by 2024, offering flexible work options for radiologists and providing care and expertise to underserved outlying areas.