Book Creator Article 2
Are your students disengaged? There’s an app for that
Flexibility and capability enable educational continuity which is why Lenovo is partnering with Book Creator. We’re dedicated to helping you maintain the same learning experiences remotely as in-person, and Book Creator facilitates that.
Exploros - Engaging students in the time of COVID-19 and beyond
Engaging students in the time of COVID-19 and beyond
Lenovo’s best-in-class devices plus Exploros combines instructional fundamentals with interactive digital content that teachers can use during in-person, hybrid, and synchronous or asynchronous remote-learning models.
Lightspeed article
One solution to protect students online
Protect students from inappropriate or illicit online content at home or school. Lenovo is partnering with Lightspeed Systems with cloud-based solutions with reliable filtering, analytics, and device management tools.
How to be the superhero who protects your schools from cyber attacks
How to be the superhero who protects your schools from cyber attacks
Lenovo and SentinelOne enables your K-12 school to automatically detect and manage devices as they join your network, with no hardware or network changes, and extends protection and control to cloud-based assets and applications running on them.
Book Creator
Book some time with an app that drives student creativity
Lenovo and Book Creator offer a simple and intuitive way for K-12 students to create and share multimedia digital books to display their knowledge, creativity, and personality.
ThinkShield in Healthcare eBook
ThinkShield in Healthcare eBook
ThinkShield is a customizable solution that secures critical data and business technologies with comprehensive end-toend protection.
Remote Radiology Reading eBook
Remote Radiology eBook
Teleradiology is expected to be an $8.24 billion business by 2024, offering flexible work options for radiologists and providing care and expertise to underserved outlying areas.
Virtual Rounding
Lenovo Virtual Rounding
Lenovo Virtual Rounding preserves valuable face-to-face time, making daily rounds more efficient, convenient, and safe.
Deeper Student Learning
Captured on video: Deeper student learning
With Lenovo and WeVideo, K-12 students produce high-quality and highly creative videos. They engage with content conceptually, ensuring a deep and lasting understanding of essential concepts and standards.
Keep your curriculum intact and aligned
Keep your curriculum intact and aligned to standards regardless of where learning is taking place
As K-12 schools develop education plans, be sure to invest in curriculum that meets state standards. Lenovo recommends Exploros and their social learning experiences.
How to battle device drift of school issued computers
How to battle “device drift” of school-issued computers
Include Lenovo and Absolute in your K-12 school security strategy. Secure your data, computers, and applications with an unbreakable connection to every endpoint—on or off your network. We can help with you school cybersecurity.
Teacher and student in the classroom
Meet the challenges of the changing classroom with the right technology
Lenovo partners with innovative software companies to give K-12 schools the technology to create better student outcomes and to get the most out of technology investments.