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Casos de éxito de clientes: Far Eastern Electronic Toll Collection Co.

FETC: Un recorrido preparado para el futuro a largo plazo con Lenovo.
Feb 18

The top 5 IT trends for 2015

What IT trends should you keep an eye out for in 2015 ?
Jul 29

Does cloud computing spell the end of the IT professional?

Cloud computing is bringing sweeping changes to IT departments around the world. What does this mean for the future of IT professionals?
Jul 29

How to improve your operational efficiency (with a VMware vSphere Private Cloud)

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Jul 29

How cloud IT is saving lives

The NHS deals with over one million patients every 36 hours, and its net expenditure is expected to hit more than £120bn in 2016-17. To handle this growing demand, the organisation's IT operations have been forced to adapt
Jul 29

Partnering for success

Talking about partnerships feels particularly appropriate at this time of year given the number of technology industry events taking place – and they provide a great opportunity to demonstrate what happens when companies join forces.
Jul 29