Equipping and Securing
Your Mobile Workforce

Uncompromised Productivity

Given that the new age workforce are expected to be able to work effectively from anyhwere, anytime, their organizations should equip them with the right devices to do so.

For Lenovo, productivity is a culmination of these three core capabilities:

Combination of processing power, memory, and graphics.
Combination of form factors, docking solutions, and modes of usage.
Combination of ports and WiFi connectivity and built-in LTE-A.

The key elements for optimum mobile device performance are: powerful processors, resilient operating system, immersive graphics, adequate RAM, large display, and long battery life. Lenovo devices score high on all these aspects, so you never have to compromise on device performance again.

The ThinkPad X1 Series gives you the horsepower to handle heavy tasks and battery life to last all day. The ThinkPad X1 Carbon and X1 Yoga can last up to 15 hours and can charge up to 80% in less than an hour.

Apart from the heavy duty performance features, the X1 devices also take care of the finer details to ensure maximum productivity, like:

Latest Processors
Up to 8th Generation Intel® Core i7 Processors.
Wide Quad High Definition (WQHD) OLED Display.
2 Intel® Thunderbolt 3, 2 USB 3.0, HDMI, RJ45, MicroSD, MicroSIM.
Better Connectivity
New antenna design with gold-plated shielding ensures strong signal strength.
Low Blue Light
Reduces the amount of blue light that is emitted from the display and helps reduce eye fatigue.

Our devices ensure flexibility to keep up with modern collaboration options. Workforce mobility can be facilitated through:

  • Self-service Support Options: boost the value of your mobile devices with Lenovo’s accessories ecosystem. Connect ultrabooks and laptops to multiple monitors for better visualization and multitasking. Or attach a wave keyboard for more comfortable and accurate typing experience.
  • Docking Options: experience easy portability for the ThinkPad X1 Series, ThinkPad T Series, ThinkPad P Series, ThinkPad X Series, and Lenovo V Series devices as they include the ThinkPad Thunderbolt 3. Connect a cable from your USB Type-C port to a Thunderbolt 3-enabled device, and get four times the data and twice the video bandwidth of any other port type, while also supplying power. So you get Thunderbolt, USB Type-C, and DisplayPort. Plus, you can even output to two 4K displays with the Thunderbolt Dock
  • High-quality User Experiences: enjoy multiple modes for a comfortable working experience on convertibles

Connectivity is the heart of productivity. Our devices keep you up and running even if you are out of WiFi range. Fast mobile broadband ensures users are always connected to all their data and apps in the Cloud:

  • LTE-A (4G): even when WiFi is out of range, the optional Qualcomm® Snapdragon X7 LTE-A means users always have connectivity and access to all their data and apps in the Cloud
  • Tri-Band Wireless: the Intel® Tri-Band Wireless delivers high-speed wireless docking connectivity for mobile devices like 2-in-1s, tablets, and laptops. This means users can have WiFi-like connectivity anywhere, anytime, without any hassles
  • Near Field Communication (NFC): Bluetooth-like feature to facilitate data transfers to nearby devices. To break in through an NFC signal, a user needs to be physically close to the company’s PC and have the right NFC tag
Reliable Durability

Just because the devices are sleek and good looking doesn't mean they have to compromise on durability. End computing devices should be an extension of the end user and should be able to adapt to their requirements.

Made up of materials ensuring lightness, ruggedness, and better device performance.
Consistent technology enhancements to ensure that the end computing devices are adept to meet the requirements of new age workforce.
MIL-SPEC tested with additional in-built technology make Lenovo devices sturdy and reliable.

The lightness, ruggedity, strength, and feel of a laptop are highly influenced by the type and mix of materials used. Lenovo prides itself on using superior materials:

  • The carbon fiber used in ThinkPads offers superior strength and rigidity
  • The grade of carbon fiber used is the same as that used on satellites with 1/3rd the weight of Aluminum and 50% more strength than Magnesium at almost 1/2 the weight
  • For parts like the palm rest area, which are subjected to extra stress, we use Magnesium, which provides maximum strength
  • To ensure a strong signal strength for a seamless wireless experience, the antennas in the palm rest area are made up of metal mesh and gold plated shielding

The benefits:

  • Optimal balance of strength and lightness
  • Superior performance of all wireless features
  • Premium finish, feel, and paint durability
  • Extended resistance to physical wear and tear

Innovative technology is about using proven techniques in new and creative ways to solve genuine user problems, address electronic, and mechanical design challenges, and enhance features, and functions of the operating system. Innovative technology in PCs should influence features like design and user input systems, performance, reliability and durability, thinness, lightness, cooling and heat dissipation, wireless performance, and overall user safety.

Here are Lenovo’s latest innovations that will have a big impact on business users:

User Input

Precision touchpad and Wave keyboard on convertibles and 2-in-1s for easy usability in various modes.


ThinkPad Glance, Windows Hello (using IR camera) and Match on Chip Fingerprint Reader (MoC FPR) to ensure PC access for authorized personnel only.


New antenna location and narrow bezel design that enhance wireless performance and durability.


New carbon fiber top cover to protect ThinkPads from everyday bumps and knocks.


Diagnostic SmartBeep and Diagnostic App to identify the nature of any problem with a simple smartphone app for faster resolutions.

Cooling and Heat Management

Intelligent Sensing and Cooling technology to reduce heat and ensure user comfort while working with the ThinkPad placed on the lap.

Safety and Device Protection

Anti-fry protection on USB Type-C protects the ThinkPad from accidental exposure to higher voltage.

For users who work on the go, it’s important to have PCs that can perform consistently in all conditions and can withstand anything from accidental drops to extreme temperatures.

ThinkPads go through a battery of tests and comprise some trademark features that make them more reliable.


With four layers of carbon-fiber reinforced chassis and a magnesium alloy roll cage for added strength, we’ve engineered our devices to handle whatever comes your way. From spilled drinks, to drops and knocks, these devices are tested against 12 military-grade requirements and pass more than 200 durability tests.

Intelligent Sensing and Cooling

Lenovo’s in-built Intelligent Sensing and Cooling system helps to reduce heat and ensure user comfort while working with the ThinkPad placed on the lap. It uses the on board accelerometer to detect the mode of usage and vary power consumption to deliver effective cooling levels which allows ThinkPads to be up to 15% cooler and 10% quieter.

Owl Wing Fan

ThinkPads have the new 8th Generation, patented owl wing inspired fans which churn out 38% more airflow and 15% better thermal performance over previous generations to ensure it is dustless for enhanced reliability.

SmartBeep Technology

Lenovo’s SmartBeep technology allows you to quickly identify the nature of any problem with a simple smartphone app for faster resolutions. A series of musical tones are produced by ThinkPad Intelligent Diagnostics which are interpreted by the smartphone app to show precisely the origin and nature of issue for faster resolution.

Discrete TPM Security

All models of the ThinkPad now have a discrete TPM 2.0 hardware security chip with TCG certification. The dTPM 2.0 chip encrypts user data on the PC.

360o Security

Just because the employees have the flexibility to work from anywhere and have access to organizational resources at all times, doesn't mean that the IT departments should be burdened to enable this.

Ensure PC access for authorized personnel only.
Prevent data theft from USB or other access ports on company PCs.
Prevent data theft and loss.
User Access Control Ensures PC access for authorized personnel only

Multi Factor Authentication

Lenovo's biometric fingerprint recognition ensures simplified access management and robust security. Leading in multifactor authentication, Lenovo also offers the following features in its devices:

  • Match on Chip (MoC) Fingerprint Reader technology in which biometric credentials are stored on a separate chip, making it almost impossible to hack into
  • Further protect identity and secure data with Intel® Authenticate

Smart Card Access

A highly secure way of storing login information in tamper-proof cards that can also be used to manage access to multiple devices without using passwords. Smart cards directly implement a two-factor authentication policy, ensuring that devices are averse to threats.

Near Field Communication (NFC)

NFC is a type of radio communication standard, much like Bluetooth, WiFi, and other networking technologies. To snag the NFC signal to log in, the user needs to be physically close to the company’s PC, with the right NFC tag or secondary device.

IR Camera with Windows Hello

With Windows Hello, the optional IR camera on selected devices simplifies and secures the login process. Windows Hello face authentication uses a camera specially configured for near infrared (IR) imaging to authenticate and unlock the device. Also, the IR camera doesn't capture photos – this prevents spoofing and provides uncompromised security.

Port and Physical Protection Prevent data theft from USB or other access ports on company PCs

Camera Shutter

Camera hacking risks can be avoided by physically covering the camera. With the shutter built into the camera, protecting privacy just requires closing the camera cover.

Kensington® Cable Lock

The Kensington® Cable Lock helps reduce theft and increase physical asset security for notebooks, notebook docking stations, desktops, and flat panel monitors. Standard on all Lenovo PCs, it allows customers to manage physical security access within the office premises.

ThinkPad Ultra Dock

This innovative docking solution is easy to connect and secures your system while you are away. A Security Lock conveniently secures both the device and your dock to the desk with a single key. It provides a driver-free convenient connection securely to a range of USB accessories and external displays.

Data Protection Prevent data theft and loss

Fast Identity Online (FIDO)

FIDO authentication pertains to online credentials when users sign into internal and external websites or make payments online. It ensures hardened authentication and wraps access information into three layers of security.

Discrete Trusted Platform Module (dTPM)

The dTPM 2.0 chip embedded in ThinkPad devices enables and stores unique RSA encryption keys specific to the host system for hardware authentication.

Better Management and Control

Experience Pro SSD integration with Intel® Remote Secure Erase from Intel® Active Management Technology (Intel® AMT).

In-built Mobile Device Management

Windows 10 Pro Mobile Device Management (MDM) support, lets you use Cloud-based management services* to control business and personal devices. Your employees get access to corporate applications, data, and resources from virtually anywhere on almost any device, while IT helps keeping your business information secure. *Sold separately


BUFFERZONE® enables employees to browse the net safely by opening the browser in a container in case a threat is detected. With detailed reporting and integration with SIEM and Big Data analytics, BUFFERZONE® helps identify targeted attacks.


Coronet can detect and evade unsafe wireless connections over both WiFi and Cellular networks. It requires no installation and ensures that only trusted devices, networks, and Cloud services can access your data.

Lenovo Solutions for Workforce Mobility
Devices built for mobile employees need to be sleek without compromising on functionalities or performance. These also need to have advanced connectivity options and be durable enough to manage everyday bumps and knocks.
Organizations are relying more on Cloud solutions to improve infrastructure efficiency, lower operating costs, and reach more customers. A good Cloud infrastructure can quickly deploy IT solutions and applications and respond faster to emerging opportunities.

Lenovo Unified Workspace

With Lenovo Unified Workspace, securely deliver the right app and content, to the right users – anytime, anywhere on any device. Have the flexibility, policies and tools required to be more creative, productive, and collaborative.

Legacy Windows apps, and private or public Cloud apps all in one workspace for the user.

Maximize employee engagement and productivity

A consistent experience on corporate-issued machines or mobile/BYOD.

Secure, single sign-on access from anywhere.


Premier Support

Users who are always on the go, need to be adequately supported to be productive at all times. Premier Support is a tech-support service designed for customers who can avail benefits such as bypassing basic troubleshooting, shorter waiting times, reduced repair times, and higher first-time fix rates.

Warranty Extensions

Realize your objectives for cost efficiency, improved service levels, and end user satisfaction with warranty extensions. Lenovo’s flexible warranty options are designed to fit the different needs of your business.


Accidental Damage Protection

Give mobile users peace of mind with a service that addresses unexpected IT expenses associated with replacing certain damaged parts. It also minimizes downtime with convenient coverage in case of accidental damage for labor, parts, and full system replacement in cases when repair is not possible.

Online Data Backup

Online Data Backup is an easy-to-use, automatic online backup and recovery software solution. With this tool, organizations and mobile user groups can share storage without the need for administrators to allocate capacity individually.

Expedited Depot Repair Warranty

Customers who purchase Expedited Depot upgrades will receive front of the line, highest priority for repairs in the depot. In the unlikely event that needed parts are backordered, Expedited Depot customers receive priority sequence for backordered parts.

Keep Your Drive

Avoid any potential legal and monetary repercussions associated with a breach in data security with Lenovo Keep Your Drive service. It provides predictable upfront costs and eliminates the need for tracking failed drives in transit, giving IT staff the time to concentrate on mission-critical business activities.

Lenovo Cloud Solutions

As Cloud computing becomes the new norm for IT, organizations rely on it to improve infrastructure efficiency, lower operating costs, and reach more customers in new ways. By transforming how content is created and delivered, Cloud computing has transformed the way an organization works.

Combine Lenovo’s comprehensive suite of services − the industry’s top-rated systems from Lenovo − with advanced capabilities of Microsoft Hyper-V. With multiple Cloud solution architectures for various platforms, choose a solution that best meets your organization's requirements.

Highly Secure

Security is the top priority as it impacts not only the Cloud stored data, but also puts data of the entire enterprise at risk.

Scale on Demand

Cloud solutions must be able to scale easily to meet an organization's needs as they evolve and grow.

Always Available

Organizations require Cloud solutions that are always operational, with minimal downtime.

Easy to Manage

Manageability of a system – which includes the simplicity and speed with which a system is repaired and maintained, is essential.