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Empower the mobile-first generation of business thinkers, innovators, and change makers. Like you.


Why have one power brand behind your business, when you can have two?

Motorola, a Lenovo company, brings you smarter technology, tools and support to give your business the mobile-first edge.


Give your business the edge

Business Edition devices by Motorola empower businesses to support employees in working confidently, securely, and professionally. A customer-centric approach to innovation means you can be confident that this suite of mobile devices is what your business needs.

Devices like the Motorola edge 20 Lite and Motorola edge 20 are designed specifically to meet the needs of today’s enterprises, powered by next generation 5G speeds, ultra-fast processing and ThinkShield for mobile designed to deliver best-in-class security, manageability, productivity and service.

Making business more accessible and profitable

The Moto G range delivers our latest smartphone technology, such as; ultrafast processing speeds, superior battery life, and 5G compatibility, so you can power your people’s performance - without the cost. Because business should be without barriers.


The Moto G Family

ThinkShield for mobile

Keep your business moving with a complete end-to-end solution. Giving Motorola smartphones 360° of business-grade protection. From built-in security and advanced threat protection to device lifecycle management and dedicated support.

Solutions designed to enable and empower



Our business services are geared around enhanced productivity, connectivity, and flexibility.



With the right technology and tools, we empower your team to achieve next-level performance.


Ready For

Amplify productivity by unleashing the power of our smartphone technology for inter-PC device connectivity.


Android Enterprise Recommended

Our Android Enterprise Recommended devices and solutions are verified against enterprise-level requirements in hardware and software, including timely security updates.

Motorola for your business

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