high performance computing
High Performance Computing: What Is It & Why Should You Care About It?
Computational performance impacts outcomes. And outcomes impact business.
Case Study: THIS NHS
A Customer Success Story: THIS NHS
THIS NHS: Making life better and care safer
Big Data Must Generate Big Insights
Big Data Analytics: Extracting Valuable Insights
Big Data Must Generate Big Insights
Infographic: 5 Factors that Ensure Big Data Success
Big Data: 5 Factors That Ensure Success In Your Big Data Implementation
Addressing the Big and Daunting Questions of Big Data Implementation
Maximize Big Data
Maximize Big Data: Visualization with the Right Devices
Visualization with the Right Devices from Lenovo
A Customer Success Story: Golfzon Golf Simulator
A Customer Success Story: Golfzon Golf Simulator
GOLFZON transforms Internal Resource Management with their new standard PC – the Lenovo ThinkPad.
Visualizing A Better Business
Big Data Visualization: Creating a Better Business
Data visualization is just rounding into form as a disruptor small business can use.
Simplifying The Metrics Game For Better Business Decisions
Better Business Decisions: Simplifying the Metrics Game
Before researching which metric platforms may work for your company, it is critical to determine the exact types of information your organization needs to collect to improve processes
Is Big Data Really Big? Or Not
Big Data for SMB: Is It Really Big or Not?
There is always some buzzword or term floating around to consume a small business owner’s attention.
The Ai Revolution
The Modern Industrial Revolution: Artificial Intelligence in Business
Since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, machines have increased human productivity. In the early 19th century, many feared that textile machinery and steam power would kill jobs.