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As technology begins to challenge the physical world around us, the way we work is changing. AR and VR hold the potential for us to solve problems in unexpected and inventive ways.

ThinkReality is a solutions-based approach comprised of both software and hardware for businesses to adopt, implement, and manage commercial AR and VR solutions.

ThinkReality Platform

ThinkReality Platform

Our ThinkReality Platform provides all the software development tools you need to create advanced AR/VR applications. With prebuilt functions and program logic, the ThinkReality Platform enables engineers to quickly build sophisticated applications that would normally take much longer.

The applications you create on our platform can work seamlessly with our new A6 HMD, but can work equally well with your existing AR/VR compatible devices. This is because we've created the ThinkReality Platform to be device and cloud agnostic - giving you tremendous flexibility.

ThinkReality A6 HMD

At just 380 grams, the A6 is one of the lightest head mounted displays available on the market. We've designed this device so that it can be worn for extended periods of time and not lead to fatigue. And with the ability to swap out batteries, you can keep working all day long without breaking a sweat. Find out more soon.

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